Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Website Woes

Way back at the beginning when someone said I needed a website, I balked at the idea. Really? Why? Of course, now I understand about having platforms so people can stop by and check out my books and read a little about me. (I don’t really get that last bit, but I keep hearing readers are curious about writers.) Anyway, the website. I think my initial skepticism has haunted me ever since.  

I succumbed to popular opinion and paid a lot of money to have a website designed just for me. I loved that website, but the designer kind of fell off the edge of the world when, after the first year, I asked him to make some changes. So yeah, that site died. 

Then a good friend convinced me I was better off designing my own site, and therein followed weeks of pure hell. Except I got to hang out with my friend here and there as we tried to untangle the mess I’d created. Finally, another friend recommended a site specifically for designing websites to be used by simpletons who don’t know what they’re doing. I won’t say I’ve mastered the site, but I can now add information when I want to. Sort of.

Or I could until, well, I lost my domain name. Turns out you can’t have a website on-line without that handle. See? I’m cursed!

So, I’m going to be hanging out here for a while until we get things sorted out. I’ve been working hard on the third book for my Stolen Hearts series. I’d love to say it will be ready this fall, but I also write for Super Romance, Harlequin sometimes, and if they offer another contract, I’ll be on deadline with them.

I have a Super Romance, When Adam Came To Town, coming out in September. If I can figure out how to do it, I’ll post the cover here. It’s gorgeous.

I wouldn’t mind hearing other people's website woes. I can’t be the only one website-less. And as they say, misery likes company!  

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